Thursday, November 17, 2011

Session 21, sunday nov 20: Ann Cotten

"Therefore I say Communism is – it must be – style, beauty, sex & love. It is daring and freeing. I feel it to be so. In this stage, when its form of existence is a taboo, by all means it is chiefly daring and freeing."

Sunday, nov 20, at 15:00 we'll look at a text by German poet Ann Cotten, reflecting on Brecht's "Der Choral vom Baal". In her reflections, she develops a personal interpretation of communism. Cotten wrote the text for Poetry International festival in English. The original text can be found here; click here for Marc Kregting's translation into Dutch (which was published in nY #11). Brecht's original German poem is here; there's an English translation here; and Catharina Blaauwendraad's version in Dutch is here.

Please note that this session will start even later than usual for Sundays, at 15:00 instead of 13:00. But those interested are welcome to enjoy another session taking place on the same day, at 12:00: the new workshop series organized by Nguyen Vu Thuc Linh, a session with Robin Celikates, which will focus on Critchley and Zizek. (Here is an announcement on Facebook).

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