Sunday, October 23, 2011

Il n'y a pas de hors-texte, mais il y a bien sûr de hors-tente!

Reading At Occupy Amsterdam is the name of a reading group, meeting on the terrain of Occupy Amsterdam. Starting tuesday, october 25, we will hold brief (one-hour) daily sessions at 11:00, which take place in the tent of Kunstenaars In Occupy Amsterdam – the big army tent to the side facing the actual Beurs itself, which serves as the O.A.-base for the artist collective Sociaal Experiment.

The idea of Reading At Occupy Amsterdam is to read texts within the activist atmosphere of Occupy. We plan to read texts on art, theory and activism and the relation between these fields. We aim for a wide variety of texts, in any genre and from any discipline.

We will read texts for their relationship to what is happening outside the tent, and read our environment for how it relates to the text. We seek to establish dialogues between textual reflection, activism, and the world, by including the situation around us in our readings, and by producing daily summaries of the discussions of the reading group.

On this blog, we will announce texts to be read, with links to .pdf-files of the texts available at least one full day before the session. Furthermore, on this blog we will post the summaries of the discussions.

PARTICIPATION IS OPEN TO ANYBODY INTERESTED - just come to the tent to let us know!

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